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Top 4 Dating Mistakes: A Man’s Perspective

Top 4 Dating Mistakes: A Man’s Perspective

Written By: Don Ghotti

1. The Blind Date

Ladies, you’ve spent hours at the mall shopping for the right shoes to match the pink clutch purse that you picked up last week. You’ve already gotten your mani/pedi and the last thing on your To-Do list is to stop by Shaketa’s crib to pick up the accessories you ordered from her online boutique. You have put in work for this date and pray Mr. Man is worth it. Hours later, you’re stepping out of the shower as you blindly reach for your iPhone, almost dropping it. It’s him. He wants to meet down at that new swanky bistro over in the meat packing district. Chasity at work set this blind date up and you had a bad feeling about this from the jump. You comb out your weave, finish applying your Mac and grab your keys while darting out of the door. You pause in front of the body-length mirror to reassure yourself that the gym flow has been paying off. As you sit on the train going eastbound to Gansevoort Street, you think of dating as a second job…

You were supposed to meet him around seven, however, it’s almost a quarter to eight as you approach the bistro. There he is. He stands as you scurry in and give him a Christian church hug. He pulls you a little tighter. He’s quite forward for someone you’ve never met. The night progresses as you both order drinks and the twenty-one questions begin. You find out he’s a freelance photographer. He scoots his chair closer. His questions continue to intensify. By the time the second pomegranate martini is poured, his innuendoes have turned to blatant jeers of sexual questioning. You feel super uncomfortable and you ask for the check. Next thing you know, buddy is asking you to come back to his place for dessert. The date is a total disaster. You storm out of the bistro down the street. ”Why does this always happen to me? I’m gonna kill Chasity…”

Author’s corner: The 1st biggest dating mistake is that women don’t screen their potential dates thoroughly. Suggestion: Pay very close attention to the initial conversations, text messages, social network comments, etc. Maybe even consider a FaceTime or Skype date first before committing to meeting in purpose. This will save time, preparation expenses, energy, etc.

2. The Homies

It’s summer and your aunt Theresa from Atlanta invites you down for a long weekend get-a-way. This is dope because you have a few home girls who live in Atlanta. You book your ticket for the following weekend, clear your schedule for that Thursday and Friday, then hit your girls up on Facebook.

The days preceding seem to fly by once you get to Sunday. It’s finally Wednesday which, for you , is your Friday. Four o’clock finally arrives and you are clocking out headed to the airport. LaGuardia is packed as heck with weekend warriors who seem to have the same idea you did. You finally make it through security and head to Terminal 14. While in route, you stop at Cinnabon to grab something to eat. You order a large lemonade and a regular cinnamon roll with no icing. The total is $9.42. You tear your purse up trying to find the loose change at the bottom. A stranger interrupts, ”Miss I have 42 cents.” You turn around to see a Tyson Beckford look-a-like: Tall, dark and chiseled. You accept the change, pay for your goodies and quickly thank the stranger.

Thirty minutes later you board the plane and take your seat in 15C, a nice window seat. The plane is almost packed and 15A and B are still open. A tall figure eventually approaches and takes his seat in 15A. It’s him, your future hubby. You mutter, ”Well hello. Long time no see stranger.” Moments later it’s wheels up and you two are ATL bound, Shawty! The stranger introduces himself as Eugene, a business consultant from Atlanta who’s headed back early for a meeting tomorrow morning. You introduce yourself and the two of you talk for the entire hour and forty five-minute flight. The wheels touch down at Hartsfield-Jackson and the two of you exit and head to the train. Eugene escorts you to the South terminal where you are greeted by your Atlanta homies, Keisha and Dominique. ”Well, Mr. Eugene, it was very nice talking to you, sir,” you mutter. ”The same here, ma’am,” he says in a southern drawl. He extends a business card, but is quickly interrupted by your ghetto-fabulous girlfriends: ”Excuse me, and who is you?” “‘What kind of car do you drive?” “Do you live in Buckhead?” Eugene is flustered. He says softly for you to call him and heads to the parking deck.

The next day you call repeatedly but you’re unable to reach him. Your entire Atlanta trip has been ruined and the man of your dreams is gone without a trace!

Author’s corner: The second biggest dating mistake is having your homies aka “ratchets” around when attempting to get to know someone. Most established men tend to judge a woman by the company she keeps. This is not fair, but it’s reality. Suggestion: If possible, never allow your friends to meet a potential date until you have a chance to vibe with him and allow him to fully understand who you really are.

3. The Ex

It’s Monday morning and it’s definitely a sunglasses and Advil type of morning. This weekend in ATL was a wild one even though you lost contact with Eugene. You make your way up the steps from the train to 42nd street in route to your job at Conde Nast Publications. You grab a morning bagel as your iPhone screams into your bluetooth, ”Call from Eugene’’ . You stare at the phone in disbelief and think to yourself, OMG. You answer quickly with a staggered hello. A deep sexy voice says, ”Hey, You! How are you, Gorgeous?” You can barely keep it together. It starts to drizzle as you cover your phone and run into the lobby of work. You flash your badge to security and say, ”Hey look, Eugene, do you mind if I call you back around lunch time? I’m walking into the office as we speak.” As he quickly states that he’ll be back in the city tomorrow on business, a call waiting interrupts. You glance at the screen to see ”DO NOT ANSWER” is calling. It’s your ex. The signal drops. You think to yourself how crazy it is that everyone comes out of the woods when you finally find someone you think you connect with. You stare at the computer monitor for hours clicking spreadsheets while thinking of what to do. Should you call Eugene back or call your stupid ex to see what he wants?

Author’s corner: Most new relationships are tarnished by a reemerging ex coming back into the picture. Although you can’t control who tries to come back into your life, you can control if you allow them room to come back. Make things as crystal clear as you possibly can to your ex that the relationship is over. Most women will occasionally entertain the thought of being friends with their ex, which often sends the wrong message. If you are over it, BE OVER IT. Move on.

4. Social Networking

Before lunch, you decide to do some investigating on this new guy Eugene and look him up on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You found him. Online, he goes by the name Mr. Chocolate Thunder. “Hmmm…”, you think to yourself as you send out a friend request to each social network. Ten minutes go by. Twenty minutes go by, then forty-five minutes go by. You check and check but no request approval. Finally, it’s lunchtime and you have a lunch date with your Puerto Rican friend, Marisol. You start the conversation off with a, “Girl…we need to talk.” You tell Marisol that Eugene has not accepted any of your friend requests. You ask her if it would be too evasive to confront Eugene about it. Your cell rings. It’s Eugene…

Author’s corner: Be very careful about using social networking sites to stay in contact with a ”new boo”. This is something that will make any potential man sketchy about sharing ”the real him” in the initial weeks of dating. Even later in the relationship, social networking can strain a relationship. Use your best judgment. Remember a man needs his ”space” and ”privacy” and it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s up to something.


SOCial love

Everyone wants to be like Hov and Bey…
or Michelle and Barack, I think to myself while scrolling down my Instagram timeline. Social networking sites are becoming more and more saturated with so-called social “Power Couples” who immolate the very entertainers who grace the pages of People Magazine, Vogue, Allure, etc. 

Is being a social “Power Co  uple” as easy as finding that “Ride-or-Die” gal or guy, dressing up, and hitting the town for some high resolution cell phone pics? 
Lets explore several provocative questions to open up this Facebook status-worthy discussion of this generation’s “selfie” taking, “Turn Up”, “Turn down for what” generation and how social networking impacts our relationships. 

Can two ordinary people be a Power Couple?
power couple
A couple who seems to have a fairy tale romance. Also, both parties involved in the power couple have tremendous influence over people around them because of their devastating good looks* and seemingly perfect relationship with their significant other.
The very possibility exist for two fairly ordinary people to promote such a lifestyle, however be aware that the very people we influence will also be our most honest critics. The strain of constant scrutiny on anything can be emotionally draining and cause two ordinary people to result to a more private love life or even go their separate ways.

How can you deal with the “fans”?
Just like any celebrity who is in the public eye, you and your significant other will have “fans”. These are people who will admire you from a distance with often nothing more than admiration for your post or pictures. This admiration can be expressed through picture liking, status comm   ents, emoticon kisses, words like “boo” or “babe”, etc. In an insecure relationship this type of behavior can be viewed as inappropriate. The best way for two people who have highly publicized their relationship to deal with such a thing is to be open and honest to his/her audience and the rest will take care of itself.

Have we been reduced to trying to date and present ourselves much like celebrities? 
Celebrities are celebrities for a reason. They are often high profile people who can afford to take risk in their professional and personal lives in the eye of their public. Some risk include publicizing their love life for reasons ranging from a fling, true love, to just “good ole PR”. As ordinary people sometimes this risk is much too expensive for our daily “emotional budget”

Are we secure enough that we don’t have to show the entire world every fifteen minutes of your relationship and its most intimate moments? 
We often play the role of public relations specialist in our own relationship attempting to make sure our relationship brand is strong in the community. We publicize fruitful images of our relationship on our timeline more often not for our own enjoyment but for the validation of others. The very minute the relationship turns sour we often lash out at the other person publicly taking jabs on the offensive. More times than not, much like a celebrity would, we back track and retract our words to salvage what’s left of our feeble relationship.

Has social networking sites taken the quality of relationships from Bankhead to Buckhead or vice versa?
At the end of the day Social networking sites were originally designed to give us all access to former classmates, long lost loves, business clients, etc, so in this regards they have been a very helpful tool. In reverse it can also be a “Big brother” tool for the insecure at heart. Just like fire it can either cook for us or burn our house down. Don’t allow this tool to burn down your House of Love. - FIN

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@TROYAVE NINO BROWN [Official Video] #Brooklyn

@TROYAVE NINO BROWN [Official Video]This is an awesome depiction of where the #Brooklyn born recording artist @TroyAve is heading in his career. The raw grittiness of this video embodies the artist's sound and music. The coined phrase, "POWDERRR.." from the Bricks in my Backpack series has captured the attention of Urban music fiends from here to Maine to Spain. Stay tuned. ~Ghotti

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The mind of a blogger

Who really knows what goes on in the mind of a blogger. Who really cares, as long as you're entertained right. Most people blog about their day, or their cat, or maybe even their job. Me, I blog about things everybody wants to say, but nobody ever actually says. Like the rude old lady, you just wanna tell "#### you #####" when she doesn't say "Thank You" when you hold the door for her. Or saying "dude, who gives a ####" to the obnoxious gay guy in the front of the line at starbucks, who can't be any louder while waiting for his mocha latte. The point is, I say what you want to say. In fact, I wonder what you would say if you let your mind go free and not have to worry about maintaining your pretentious lifestyle and reputation?

What's the matter with the world,  why does everything have to be so damn politically correct? I just think it would super dope for a day if you could just come out of your face and just say whatever the #### was on your mind. That would be the dopest day then, we'd all go home and blog about it.

signed the Blogger.

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‎"IT'S FELICITOUS B*TCH...!!!" - 13 Years & still Relevant

Peep my Indie Label's work over the last 13 years.
Please feel free to comment some of the work:

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Hello everyone! I am back! yes it's me, Bernard Kinsey, here to voice my opinion about all the things that are on my mind...well not all the things but you understand, dont you? Lol! Anyways, let me start off by thanking all those who took the time to read my first blog and leave an opinion about it. Whether you loved it or hated it your comments are greatly appreciated. Also, I wanna thank my partner Don Ghotti for the opportunity to blog because he could have chose someone else, so thanks for taking a chance with me. Now, that I got all my humbleness and gratefulness out of the way, now let me get down to the task of being the witty, opinionated, charming asshole I was brought here to be, lol!
Today's blog is about women...beautiful women...well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder but by many standards women like Halle Berry and Kim Kardashian are considered very beautiful, successful women who seem to have it all going for them. With that being said, why I ask, do these two seem to have the hardest time keeping a man? Let's start with Halle. Christopher Williams, Wesley Snipes, Dave Justice, Eric Benet, The dude from Barbershop and For Colored Girls...she even left black men alone and dated some white supermodel and had a kid by him. Actors, baseball players, singers, models, Halle's dated them all and the result has ALWAYS been the same...her relationships ending and Halle being accused of being a crazy, pitiful yet pitiless, over demanding, overemotional wreck of a woman! Now keep in mind, I have never met Ms. Berry(as Hurricane Chris would call her) and to be fair, the men she dealt with may have been just as equally outta their mind. But let's face facts, Halle has a terrible track record when it comes to men in relationships and if it's not her, maybe it's the men she is choosing which means her choices suck elephant ass hair! I mean damn, Halle, you been choosing the wrong men since you was two stepping in Jeff Redd videos! Lol!
Now, Kim Kardashian AKA Kimmy the Black C*ck Slayer AKA The Armenian Ass Clapper AKA for all my beauty, body and looks no man wanna wife me! lol! I'm just playing...maybe! But seriously, ever since Kim came(no pun intended) into the forefront as Ray J's co-star in what was probably the most BORING celebrity sex tape ever, she has had or been linked to a slew of men. Ray J (who owes his career, whatever the hell it is he does, to her), Reggie Bush, a Dallas Cowboy, an international soccer star, Kanye West, and maybe a couple of others that I don't know about. While Kim, doesn't have the reputation of being a mad woman in relationships, she does have a rep for being relatively, um, how can I put this, EASY1 Now, to the same respect, I've never met Ms. Kardsahian, and I don't know to what extent her relationships were to these men. She's been described as a relatively nice girl. But the the facts are the facts...every one of those relationships with the exception of Reggie Bush seemed to be relatively quick one off where she ended up as simply a notch on some running back's, rapper, or other sportsman's belt. Oh, yeah, and Ray J!
Now don't get me wrong, this isn't a blog to down either one of these women. It's just we as quote unquote "regular" guys seem to have this misconception that just because a woman is incredibly beautiful that she is this goddess that has no flaws. How many of y'all said to yourself "Eric Benet stupid...why that negro gonna cheat when he got Halle Berry?" Well Halle is human and we have no idea how Halle is behind closed doors and when the camera is off. Same with Kim. She seems to be a nice girl who like many nice girls may let the wrong men take advantage of her kindness. I really don't know. I just hope that these two, as well as, other beautiful, strong, successful women can find happiness not only with a mate, but within themselves. Didn't i end that shit nice? Lol! This is Bernard and I'm out...y'all take care.

Written by Bernard L. Kinsey aka @ikenotturner

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A moment in time w/ CARVIN "Ransum" HAGGINS & IVAN "Orthodox" BARIAS / @carvinhaggins & @doxortho

A moment in time w/ CARVIN "Ransum" Haggins & IVAN "Orthodox" Barias

What do you ask the multi-platinum selling music producers / songwriters who make nothing less than "timeless" music for today's hottest recording artist??? When you add the fact that they serve on the Board of Governors for the Philadelphia Chapter of The Recording Academy, and most recently became the creative ambassadors for the city of Philadelphia, the pressure to have a dope interview intensifies. This was a major task, but a task that I had the pleasure of being faced with yesterday afternoon as I prepped for my interview.

Carvin "Ransum" Haggins & Ivan "Orthodox" Barias were both born & raised in the city of Brotherly Love and later crossed paths in the mid 90s at DJ Jazzy Jeff's studio called A Touch of Jazz. Over the next 15 years they were responsible for some of the biggest records for Jazmine Sullivan, Jill Scott, Justin Timberlake, Mario, Chris Brown, Ledisi, Raheem DeVaughn, Keyshia Cole, Jaheim, Floetry, Skillz, Ace Hood, Rick Ross.

In this moment in time with two of music's most influential producer/songwriter duo you'll hear their secrets for writing some of their biggest records, their personal thoughts on the state of music/entertainment today, as well as their exciting new record label Forever Music Inc!


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The Top (5) FIVE reasons MEN shouldn't take COOCHIE as a V DAY Present !!!

Whats going on everyone! I'm kinda new to this whole blogging thing so bear with me OK? now I admit. I speak and pull very little punches...some of what I say may be crude, politically incorrect, unpolished, opinionated, biased and/or straight up unbearable...but that would make me no different than that damn tea party wouldn't it? lol! Anyway that's another subject for another time...TODAY, I am gonna speak on the top 5 reasons us men, shouldn't take coochie as a v day present. I know what some of y'all saying already...WHAT? DON'T ACCEPT NO P_SSY, THIS DUDE RIGHT HERE CRAZY AS HELL! OR GAY ONE! WHAT THE HELL THIS FOOL TALKING BOUT? TURNING DOWN GOOD COOCH! whoooah, calm down kemosabie, I'ma explain why u shouldn't fall for that trick...

#1....Fellas, imagine ya lady showing up to the crib on Valentine's Day, u have no gift, no present, no surprise, nothing for her but a card and Mr. happy down below tied in a bow and u saying HERE IS YOUR GIFT! she may take it...if y'all been together 4 a while but she gonna see u as the sorriest most selfish insensitive and thoughtless prick ever who put no time and effort into a valentine's day gift. Now if we looked at in that esteem if we were to offer nothing but d_ck to our woman, why don't we think the same way when she say in there with a hallmark card and some cooch we oughta be used to? which brings me to #2

#2...A gift is usually something we don't get often or seen as a surprise...a new car is a gift, a new home is a gift, a vacation, new clothes...hell a cutlery set is a gift! its a surprise and something u aren't used to...with that being said, if you've been with a woman for a while, her love below, no matter how good should be something u get on a regular basis...with that being said, what kinda gift are u getting if get it every other day or whatever ya sexual habits are? but then again, a lot of my married friends say sex is close to null in their life so i guess there are SOME exceptions! lol!

#3...Even if u get her a small gift and she gives u some coochie to say thanks, she still comes out on top in the deal because she gets two gifts...the one u bought her and some sex while u just get sex...doesn't sound too fair to me! lol!

#4...Wouldn't your woman get sick and tired of getting the SAME gift every holiday, birthday, etc? well getting coochie every v day takes the work away from them having to come up with a thoughtful gift...think about it, we as men go to the store wondering what does she like? what size does she wear? will she like this? maybe i should get why shouldn't SHE have to go through the same process? WHAT DOES MY MAN WANT? SOME P-SSY...OH THAT WILL BE SIMPLE ENOUGH! LOL!

#5 Men like to feel appreciated for the efforts that we put in making our women happy. most of what we do is to make sure that our woman, wife, girl, etc is treated to the best that we can offer...we as men need to make it valentines day more than just on the 14Th of February and if u have a man that caters to you like that, why not cater to him for just ONE day? AND give him some coochie to top it off? LOL!

Ok, people, that the end of my blog...hope u enjoy i, hate it, agree with it, disagree with it, hate it to death, just don't ignore it! wanna thank Don for allowing me to voice my opinion on his site and I thank y' blog...BREAKING DOWN THE SCIENCE, SKILL, AND COMPLEXITY OF A WAKA FLAKA FLAME SONG! LMAO! just kidding....maybe! take care...

Written by Bernard L. Kinsey aka @ikenotturner

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#DGV5 Mixtape hosted by #DC 's own @DJGiftedson & #ATL 's Ambassador @DonGhotti - IT'S FINALLY HERE 10.10.10.

What do you get when you combine artistic talent from the political city of Washington DC & Atlanta, Ga aka Black Hollywood all on the same project, here's a HINT: "Mir-wacles" *Pastor Thomas Kerney voice*

The Adventures of @DonGhotti & @DonPitts Mixtape Volume 5 brings you a plethora of Exclusive records from todays young budding artist hosted by DC's very own @DJGiftedSoN & Atlanta's own @DonGhotti. The two met at Belvedere event in DC [#MoreBelve] hosted by Ricky Parker of Studio 43 and stayed in contact about various projects.When asked why he chose to work with @DJGiftedSoN on this project, @DonGhotti had this to say "I felt it was time for the World to witness what a collaborative effort from two of the most influential cities DC/ATL would feel like on one project. Not since JAY-Z & R. Kelly's BEST of BOTH WORLDS have this been experienced and therefore we decided to join forces." We ask that you support this project by adding it to your IPod Playlisting, burn your friends CD copies, and play at your College Parties this Fall season. We hope that you enjoy it just as much as we enjoyed producing it! *FIN

01 - Bear Witnez - I'm A Hustler (ft Marko Maddox)
02 - Garvey - Go Head Try Me (ft Yo Gotti)
03 - Garvey - Money In The Building
04 - Gordo Brega - Monster
05 - DC Don Juan - Lookie Looky
06 - Willow Smith - Whip My Hair
07 – Aleise – Music (ft B-Ez)
08 – Chill – She’s Mine (rmx) (ft Johnsha)
09 – Sydne Renee – Same (ft Ali Vegas)
10 – Rich Girl – Swagger Back (ft Fabolous & Rick Ross)
11 – B Keyes – Glass In The Air (ft JC)
12 – Ra The MC – Intoxicated
13 – XO – Take You Home (ft Raheem DeVaughn)
14 – J Shuttlesworth – Call Me Whateva
15 – Bear Witnez – Killer Theme
16 – Stanza – Letting Go
17 – Marky – Rasta Monsta
18 – Skillz – Call Me Crazy (ft Raheem DeVaughn)
19 – Miguel – All I Want Is You (rmx) (ft Raekwon)
20 – Zuri – I Can’t Sleep
21 – Phil Ade – Toast 2 Life
22 – Lola Maxwell – Black Madonna (Y.O.U.)
23 – Tabi Boney – Hero
24 – Jane – All To You
25 – Aleise – Blackberry
26 – Lola Maxwell – Cus It Feel Right (rmx) (ft Jumz, Marky, Bishop City)
27 – Marky – Rocket Man
28 – DJ GIFTED SoN - Outro

Please Download this masterpiece & add to your IPod Playlisting:


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The Maturation of the @DonGhotti MIXTAPE Series!!!

All good things MUST come to an end.
When I first started this mix tape series back in January of '09 I had no idea that I would end up with 5 installments of some of Indie music's most talented human beings. Initially, I wanted to create a collage of music from all of the people I'd interviewed from my Podcast, but it later blossomed into a series that would fit nicely in any music lovers collection.

Volume 1

The series started where I created a storyline that mirrored an actual trip that I'd took from Atlanta to Los Angeles, then on to New York City and finally back home to Atlanta. When you listen to the skits, you will understand that the music that plays on the tape is actually what I'm listening to on my Ipod Touch during the trip. As I pull the earphones out of my ears and speak, the dialogue is the actual skits. The play list was quickly filled when my music industry friends and resources sent records on behalf of their clients for placements. I then worked alongside budding A&R prospects as well as my friend and engineer DJ EzE to piece the project together in a record 2 weeks. I finally completed the first tape. I worked the marketing and manufacturing magic behind the scenes then launched my first listening party. See the pics HERE !!!

Volume 2
With volume 1 in the bag my mind wouldn't allow me to relax.
I hopped a plane to LA in February during the Grammies and sought inspiration for yet another volume. I still had a huge surplus of records from the first volume which I never used. I wanted this second tape to be a collage of West Coast inspired music. This trip would give me just the vibe to complete it [Click HERE to see my Westside pix]. I spent most of my time in Beverly Hills, cruising down Sunset vibing and listening to Indie music riding shotgun alongside my recording artist Otis Lee. This trip to LA was the perfect medicine needed to complete this tape. I know I'm getting a little ahead of the story, but click HERE to view the pix from my next Listening Party for volume 2. Next on to New York City.... Swoosh!!!

Volume 3
The flight landed safely at Kennedy Airport.
I grabbed my bags and exited to my waiting car service. As I rode through the gritty city I was instantly inspired to make an edgier tape that embodied Urban Indie Street Music. I opened the door to my apartment in the city, dropped my bags, and hit the showers. Fresh out the water, I bundled back up and caught a cab to the Virgin Mega store for the midnight release of Ryan Leslie's debut LP. Think I'm just making this up, well click HERE to see my NYC pix. During this trip I was still promoting volume 1, therefore I was off to my NYC Release Party at Negril Village. My big Homies Big Ced & DJ Music Rocka held me down righteously. DJ Music Rocka spun volume 1 from reel to reel during Ladies night [Thursday]. Again I know I'm getting ahead of myself, but after volume 3 you'll hear me exiting NYC LGA airport back home to my city of Atlanta, but in real life I went on to Washington DC. Click HERE to see the pix from volume 3's release party back in Atlanta.

Volume 4.1 & 4.2
Volumes 4.1 & 4.2 began the Maturation of the Don Ghotti brand.
This was my opportunity to end the storyline and began the opportunity to educate my listeners with quotes between the music. I also broke up the disc set to change up the monotony of the traditional mix tape that the listeners are used to. I'll admit I was quite burn out with producing mix tape projects which means I almost DID NOT drop this project. I didn't even do a release party to promote it. For that, I would like to formally apologize to my fans, "I APOLOGIZE!!"

Volume 5
The Beginning
The End???
This project will be my Magnum Opus.
Volume 5 is the True Maturation of the Don Ghotti brand.
The only way to find out what this project has in store is to simply tune in, the Release Date/Party is slated for October 16th, 2010 [My Birthday weekend] in Los Angeles, California. The final question remains,



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Labels, Recording Artist, Producers, & Mgmt,
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"DG V.5"

History Made

The Debut Mixtape project **Vol. 1** was downloaded over 20,000+ times in several major markets across the domestic US and abroad. Team DG also did a limited pressing of the CD and set up two release parties in Atlanta **Hot Beats Studio** & NYC **Negril Village** in which the industry's who's who attended.



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The submission fee is at a reduced price of $25 per submission or we're also open to a bulk submissions from Indie Labels & Majors **negotiable**

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The Adventures of Don Ghotti & Don Pitts - Web Blog and Syndicated Radio Show

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